Click2sell Review – Banner Advertising Done Differently


Click2sell Review – Banner Advertising Done Differently

 If you’re interested in making money with online marketing, you’ll definitely want to check out this review of Once I signed up, I found that this new self-service banner advertising platform was quite easy to use, and seems like a legit platform for making money online. Making a significant income will take some time and dedication, but it’s certainly possible! Interested in learning more? Check out the rest of my review now, and see if Click2ell is right for you.              

How I Found Click2Sell.Co

I’ve been looking for ways to make extra income online for a while now. Recently I’ve tried a number of other “side hustles,” but nothing beats making money from the comfort of my own home, on my own schedule. While I was researching various online marketing platforms, I ran across I was immediately intrigued – and I decided to give it a try and sign up for an account.              

How it Works, and How I Created My Account and Built My First Ad Campaign  

Want to learn the basics about how Click2sell works, and how you can get started? Here’s what you need to know.      

How Click2sell works

Click2sell is essentially a marketplace that allows you to advertise big brands products online. The Platform’s members are able to create their own banner ads and advertising campaigns from scratch, using the built-in tools that the platform offers.    

Then, you get paid based on their performance. You get paid in two ways – once for each person who clicks on an ad, and you also get paid based on how many people “click-through”, convert, and purchase an item or service that you were advertising. 

Signing up and creating your first campaign  

Signing up for the service was simple. I simply entered my personal information and made my first deposit into the Click2sell platform. The platform offers various packages, and you can choose between the Silver, Gold, and Diamond tiers, based on how much you want to spend. It’s important to note that the minimum deposit amount is $250.     

Based on the package you choose, you can get more impressions for your ads, 1-on-1 personal coaching, premium publishers sites, and other perks – but you can still use all of the Click2sell features, even with a basic account.        

After this, creating your first campaign is simple. Here’s what you’ll need to do.     

  1. Select Create Campaign from the Click2sell homepage.
  2. Enter a Campaign Name and choose your Campaign Period (from 2 weeks to 5 months), then click Next.
  3. Select a Category for your banner ad, such as Arts & EntertainmentArchitectureSportsReal EstateGames, and more. There are dozens of categories to choose from.     
  4. Choose your Campaign Budget, and desired amount of Impressions.     
  5. Choose a related image for your banner ad, and select Next
  6. Select your desired ad Placement layout, based on your image and campaign, and click Next.  
  7. Choose a Campaign Headline on the next page, then select Save & Launch Campaign to save your selections, and publish your ad.

It’s really that simple. In just seven simple and straightforward steps, you can start publishing ads for major brands with this self-service banner advertising platform, and basically get started with your own online marketing business. 

My Conclusion – Your Hard Work Pays Off With Click2sell is an interesting online marketing platform, but it’s definitely not another “get-rich-quick” scheme. You’ll need to put in some work to make effective ads and make a return on your investment. 

However, with the simplicity of the platform, it’s easy to get started, and If you’re serious about making money online and willing to put in some work (and get rewarded for it), then Click2sell is perfect for you. I had a positive experience with the platform – but I encourage you to try it for yourself, to see if you like it.